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What is a Smartphone Mount and What are the Most Common Types?

Today, smartphones are going places, and the one you have needs to go to places too — other than your pocket or the bottom of your bag or purse. There comes the beauty of a smartphone suction cup mount, holding onto your device whenever you want to be hands-free. Not sure how it works? This blog is there to help you:

What are smartphones holders?
Smartphone stands or holders are small objects designed to hold your smartphone device and prevent it from falling or moving. They sit on a hard surface, such as a table or desk, countertop, windshield, or other smooth surfaces, with your device attached to the top. When you mount your smartphone on them, you can be hands-free, watch videos, use navigation apps while driving, and carry many other tasks that involve the use of your smartphone.

What are the different types of smartphone mounts?
With technology evolving now and again, the list of smartphone holders is long, but here the most common ones:

Suction Cup Mount: a smartphone suction cup mount allows you to mount the device on any hard surface. It is flexible for easy operation and comes with a feature of wrapping your earphone around it. This is one of the most popular phone holders available today.

Rings: these holders usually come with the phone case, with a ring attached to the back so that you can use the ring as the phone stand. They allow you to watch movies or videos just like you watch TV. However, they are not the best fit for navigation apps.

Auto Mounts: these mounts are specially designed to fit your car’s dashboard when you are behind the wheel. While they are a great option when you need GPS, you can’t use them to prop up your phone on other surfaces for other purposes.

Bottom line
Smartphone holders or mounts have become one of the most popular and essential accessories for smartphone users for the benefits they offer to users. If you want the best mount for your phone, such as a smartphone suction cup mount, feel free to get in touch with us or explore our store.

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