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Solid Tips to Improve Your Surveillance System Security

It’s no secret that security cameras do an excellent job of protecting our property by recording and deterring crime. However, they are also vulnerable to hacking and other cyber attacks. Hackers can get into your surveillance system and spy on you to plan their criminal activities or harass you for monetary gains. If you are wondering how they can hack your security camera, be it HDCVI IR Bullet Camera or any other, the answer lies in the credential stuffing. It is a hacking technique involving data breaches to steal information necessary to log into accounts. Once they have that information, the rest is a piece of cake for them.
Here are a few tips to help protect your home or office surveillance system:

Use secure, strong passwords

Since hackers get into your surveillance system through password breaches, it’s vital not to use the same password everywhere — wifi, cameras, computer system, etc. Also, consider changing your camera password every once in a while for complete protection. Many people keep using the default password that comes in with the device, which makes their system more susceptible to hacking. So, change the default password as soon as your system becomes active after installation. When it comes to choosing a password, make sure you use different passwords that are long and hard to guess. Avoid using your phone number or birthday date as your password since anybody can guess it and may hack your cameras, whether it is HDCVI IR Bullet Camera or any other.

Choose two-factor authentication 

Two-factor authentication requires another form of credential authentication when logging in, adding an extra layer of protection to your surveillance system. You can ask your camera company to send a unique passcode, often called One-Time Password, to your phone or email when you log in. If your camera system comes with two-factor authentication, always choose it, no matter what.

Secure your wireless network

Since your security camera, such as HDCVI IR Bullet Camera, is most likely connected to your wireless network, it makes sense to secure your wireless network to strengthen your overall system protection. Opt for WPA2 encryption, use a stronger password for the router, and turn off network sharing so that hackers have a hard time entering into your wifi and surveillance system.

Install firewall and antivirus software 

If you use a computer or other electronic device to view and operate your security camera system, you should install a firewall and reliable antivirus software for protection against malware and virus attacks that hackers use to steal information and data. This simple step can help you boost your surveillance system security.

Update your cameras regularly

With rapidly changing technology, security cameras are becoming more and more secure, coming with new and high-tech security features. If your home or office surveillance system is outdated, consider upgrading it to prevent cybercrime. Cameras such as HDCVI IR Bullet Camera are a great fit for both residential and commercial purposes, as they are equipped with cutting-edge features that keep your surveillance system secure. 

If you are looking for an HDCVI IR Bullet Camera,  feel free to get in touch with us today.

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