Color Camera with Audio


Q-See QS903C Color Camera with Audio


This is an ultra slim bullet indoor/outdoor color camera with audio and weather resistant covering. Q-See's professional CCTV cameras are designed to meet both your indoor and outdoor home and business needs and are easy to install and operate.

Product Features

Weatherproof (indoor/outdoor use)
400 TV lines resolution
6mm Lens
1/3" CMOS sensor
Built-In microphone for audio
7 ft. cable and power adapter included

Product Specifications

Category Description
Image Sensor 1/3" Color CMOS.
Lens 6mm
Horizontal Resolution 400TVL
Effective Pixels 510x496 NTSC
Field of View 42
Connectors RCA (F) video, RCA (F) audio, 12VDC 2.1mm
Minimum Illuminance <0.5 Lux
Infrared LEDs/Distance None
IR LED Wavelength None
Video Output 1 Vp-p75 ohm
Electronic Shutter Speed 1/50 - 1/6000 (NTSC)
Scanning System na
Synchronization na
Audio Output 325mV/2.7k ohm
S/N Ratio >48dB
Gamma Characteristic 0.45
Power Supply DC12V
Power Consumption 100mA
Operating Temperature -4F - 158F
Dimensions 1.65 (W) x 1.65 (H) x 4.33 (D) in
Weight 7 oz
Compatability Camera plugs into DVR, VCR, TV, or Video Monitor

Product Contents

Qty Description
1 Color Outdoor Camera
1 60 Ft. Cable
1 Power Adapter
1 User's Manual

Product Accessories

Model # Description
QS60F RCA Cable 60Ft
QS120F RCA Cable 120Ft Video Audio Power Cable
QP2409 Power Distribution Panel 9 Cameras 12 Volt 4 AMP
QS1210 Power Distribution Panel 18 camera 12 volt 10 AMP

Product FAQs

CCD sensors, create high-quality, low-noise images. CMOS sensors, traditionally are more susceptible to noise. Because each pixel on a CMOS sensor has several transistors located next to it, the light sensitivity of a CMOS chip tends to be lower. Many of the photons hitting the chip hit the transistors instead of the photodiode. CMOS traditionally consumes little power. Implementing a sensor in CMOS yields a low-power sensor. CCDs use a process that consumes a lot of power. CCDs consume as much as 100 times more power than an equivalent CMOS sensor. CMOS chips can be fabricated on just about any standard silicon production line, so they tend to be extremely inexpensive compared to CCD sensors. CCD sensors have been mass produced for a longer period of time, so they are more mature. They tend to have higher quality and more pixels.
Temperature range for most cameras is from -4F to 122F.
This camera can be run from as far as 300 ft. when using 60 ft or 120 ft extension cables. With one single RG59 cable, this camera can extend up to 1000 ft.
A fixed focal length lens cannot zoom. The focus is fixed. A fixed focal length lens usually allows more light to pass through the lens at a given focal length than a varifocal, or zoom lens. This can be important in low light situations.
The cameras themselves do not record. In order to record motion you need a motion detection DVR. When power is supplied the cameras will continually send video feed through an RCA cable (wired) or through the air (wireless).
Resolution refers to the cameras ability to reproduce images. The higher the resolution, the better. Lux refers to the amount of light that is needed for the camera to see. This becomes important if you need the cameras to see in low light. The lower the Lux, the better.
Cameras have a working temperature range in between 14F to 130F. If the temperature falls below the minimum for a long period of time, it would damage the camera. The best solution for this is putting the camera in a Heater/Blower Housing Unit.
This camera has both an RCA female connector and a female power connector.

Product Manuals

Name Language
QS926C-MANUAL.jpg English

Price: $32.99
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Manufactured by Q-SEE

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