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3 Reasons Why Every Organization Should Have a Biometric Device

Before the advent of digital technology, keeping track of employees' attendance was a real struggle. Not only does manually recording the attendance and time of each employee on paper sheets or rooster books on a day to day basis was time-consuming, but it also used to take a dig at the organization's productivity. Besides, there was always room for error when calculating employees' payroll.

But today, organizations don’t have to spend a second on maintaining employee attendance — all thanks to fingerprint biometrics. These devices identify employees using their fingerprints and help businesses, no matter the size, keep track of their employees attendance while preventing employees from stealing company time by punching on behalf of their colleagues, for instance.

Let’s look at a few reasons why every business should install a fingerprint scanner, such as ANVIZ VF30 fingerprint access control biometric, in their workplace:

Increased accuracy of payroll

Earlier, in the times of paper sheet attendance management, it used to take hours to go through each employee's timesheet. This often left room for human error during payroll generation, costing hundreds or thousands of dollars to businesses. However, with a biometrics device, such as ANVIZ VF30 fingerprint access control, HR departments no longer need to spend their crucial time on generating payroll the traditional way, as they already have a maintained and clear track of every employee in their employee management software synced with the biometric device.

Reduced burden on the payroll department

Since the payroll department no longer needs to calculate and record employee’s time and attendance manually, they save a lot of time and effort, all because of a simple and inexpensive biometric device. This helps reduce their burden and offers them more flexibility to focus on other key responsibilities at work.

No more buddy punching

The best thing about biometric, such as ANVIZ VF30 fingerprint access control, is that it prevents buddy punching, which is quite a big concern in companies where old-world means of employee attendance are still present. A biometric requires every employee to use their fingerprint to clock in and out of the system, which means no employee can ask another employee to punch on their behalf unless they are ready to offer their finger.

If you are looking for a biometric device for your workplace, feel free to get in touch with us today or buy ANVIZ VF30 fingerprint access control today.

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